The challenges facing our community are increasingly complex. The Youth Leadership club and its work are grounded in addressing the following challenges facing students and education system:

  • The positive mindset & attitude, and transfer from an anxious speaker to a good speaker then to a thought leader
  • the creative problem-solving skills necessary to co-create innovative solutions with local communities
  • The gaps among the school learning, the community needs and the professional development
  • Youth to engage in viable professional training & development and small business opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship be a part of the culture for our youth.

To address these challenges, the NWYLC (North West Youth Leadership Club) is formed as an innovative model for community engagement to increase the flow of positive mindset and attitude young students and young entrepreneurs in NW Seattle region. The overarching goal of NWYL is to increase student achievement by building a robust education-to-employment model, impacting grades 6-14, exposing students to an array of business and technical pathways, work-based learning experiences, and leveraging problem-based learning to prepare students to compete in a 21st century global economy.

Our NWYL club model is one that truly involves students, parents, community, entrepreneur network and mentoring network from successful individual and business. The students learn from life/professional/leadership coaching classes, then engage into the problem-solving practices via working with entrepreneur together as well as involving in the community services to contribute and lead.